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Our Signature Product

Zooted Cat tea

Zooted Cat tea

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If you are searching for the perfect toy for your cats, look no further. Our unique catnip tea blend is a fun twist on the classic treat that is catnip.

1 Bag = 10 Individual tea bags 

Tea bags contain our special top secret blend (shhh Its Catnip and Silvervine). 

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Is it Safe?

Yes, Catnip is 100% Safe for cats to play with and consume!

Can my Cat overdose on zooted teas?

No, your cats wont overdose but, they could become dependent if used too frequently. We recommend waiting 2-3 days after each use.

Does it Expire?

Dried catnip doesn't expire if its kept sealed and dry. It will however lose its potency over time, but it wont harm your cat.

Where is it made?

Our Catnip Tea is made from hand in the sunny state of California!

Whats in it?

We proudly put 3 simple ingredients in each tea bag... Catnip, Silvervine and Love!